How can I change my email?

I changed my surname after marriage, so I changed my mail in my Google account. But in Figma, I could not change the mail, the application has the old mail, and through the browser I can no longer log in through it. How can I change my mail without losing access to projects?

Did you sign up to Figma with Google or email? Have you tried “forgot password” with the old email (you still need access to it)?

I sign up with Google. When I try to sign in with my old email, the account is not found.
I just want to change mail without losing access

If you signed up with google, why are you trying to log in with email? Log in with google.

I log in with Google!

i always logged in to figma via google, after changing the mail in my google account, the old mail is displayed in the figma application, if I log out, I can no longer log in. and through the browser, I can not log in through Google, because the mail has changed there!

  1. This sounds like a bug that Figma team should know about. Report it to Figma support team via the bug report form.

  2. Enter your old email in the login form and click “forgot password”. You’ll receive a link to set your password. Then log in with password and old email, from there you will be able to change your email to the new one. If you don’t have access to your old email, only support team can help.

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