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How can I automate my files backup (locally)

So in light of the outage last week where for a full hour Figma was not available, I became anxious about my files.

I started backing up each of them, but that Is tedious. I couldn’t find any plugin to do so automatically but I might have missed it. Or maybe there is another way to easily make local copies of your work. Can anyone shed some light on this topic?

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There is no way to save all the projects locally and native in Figma.

Maybe you can write a script to open each project and save as .fig file or a task automater. Idk how libraries will behave.

There is one more thing, even if you make local copies, if fipocalypse (apocalypse of figma :face_with_hand_over_mouth:), figma cannot be used offline.


Thanks for the reply, it kinda makes everything a bit fragile.
The one thing I don’t understand is about using Figma offline. Take for example Google docs where they allow you to create new docs even offline. I’ve already sent a product request but it’s probably not a high priority to most users.
From my standpoint being offline is a big issue

Actually, I believe this was the most requested feature in the past. This is an assumption based on people discussion from spectrum, twitter, slack.

I don’t know why this feature was not prioritized by figma, but, again, I assume that is about “Gain vs Effort”.