How can I access the raw font data

Is there is any way to access the font data of listAvailableFontsAsync() fonts.

loadFontAsync() downloads the font but doesn’t return anything.

What font data do you want to get? Font family and style?

I’ve an idea for a plugin, related to opentype feature of the font.
So for that I need to access the raw font data.

Is there is any way to access raw font data inside figma?

By “raw font data” do you mean the OpenType features of any available font? Plugin API does not provide such functionality.

I need the path data for all the glyphs inside font file, which can be accessed from the raw font file data.

loadFontAsync() makes an xhr request and makes the font available in the context, if it also return the retrieved font data, that would solve my need :slight_smile:

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