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How can a viewer select a component instead of its child layer?

when invited viewers click on a component, a child layer is selected instead of the component. so all the viewers have to use other way in order to select that component. (ex. they had to find the exact component layer and click it on the layers panel) . is there other way to select a component right on the first one click on the canvas? this is uncomfortable for them … they are not familiar with layers or right hand side pannel… i wish they could select whatever they want on the canvas right away.

My coworkers need to select a ‘component’ not a ‘child layer’ in it in order to see distances between components. (exporting task is not an issue because i put them in other page. so they can easily download it at one click)

See this discussion: Prevent viewers from selecting content of an icon frame

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thank you for the comment! :grinning: but the content in that link is a little bit different from what I was looking for.
My coworkers need to select a ‘component’ instead of a ‘child layer’ in order to ‘see distances’ between components. I told them how use the layers panel but it’s uncomfortable for them. TT

I’m pretty sure that discussion is not different from what you are looking for. We discussed a lot of workarounds for this exact problem in that thread.

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ah. yes. i found the relevant content in that thread. thanks for it. :+1:

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