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How are you using FigJam?

The Figma team has been experimenting with lots of creative ways of using FigJam in our day to day work. We’ve found that with a little imagination (and some inspiration) its incredibly versatile. I thought it would be fun to trade ideas and learn from one another by sharing some creative ways of using FigJam.

Here are mine from the last few days:

Today, we created a FigJam file to use for live note-taking on stickies during a research call. All of the observing members of team were invited to use the FigJam file to take notes. After the call, we quickly grouped the stickies into themes and created lightweight takeaways. It made synthesis super quick and easy.

Yesterday, I used FigJam in a Research Critique to get feedback on some research findings. I took screenshots of a table of findings and asked my team to use the stickers to emote any insights that felt most compelling, insights that felt less clear, and outstanding questions. After the meeting, I used the FigJam file as a to-do list to go back and refine my work.

What are some interesting ways that you’ve been using FigJam?

I don’t think this would be considered creative, but we are using Figjam to document a video game we are working on. We do diagramming in figjam and layout concepts like mood and design traits.

We then take those boards and put them into figma layers in a “documentation” fig file.

Then we copy the link for those layers and embed them into Coda for a truly live document with text intermixed with figma powered diagrams

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