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How are images actually downsampled?

I’m often importing fairly high resolution assets like 3D renders into frames. Many of these images are 5120x2280 in PNG format. I’ve read that Figma downsamples all images larger than 4000px, but I could use some more clarity on this.

  • Are PNGs converted to JPG as part of this downsampling process?
  • Are these images downsampled to 4000px on the longest side? Is this always the case?

Furthermore, is there anyway to actually control the downsampling? For example, it would be really great if I could automatically convert 5120x2280 PNGs into, say, 1600x900 JPGs, either while importing or through the image fill panel.

There is currently no way to control downsampling (natively).

Nevertheless, there is a plugin from @yuanqinglim that offers to import very large images bypassing Figma’s limitations.

PluginInsert Big Images

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