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How are folks handling communication of responsive text size?

Our typography system uses 16px base for 1 Rem. Is there a good way to spec out what size text should be in rem units vs. px in Inspect view?

Hey @Danelle_Bailey

At our team we do this by creating a really good, clean spec sheets and handling our class names really well. So what we essentially do is:

  1. We create a list spec with our font comparing pixel size with REM size fo basic CSS implementation;
  2. We make sure all our styles are named after the CSS Clasess the Dev team will use;
  3. We also created a proper component system that allows for some text tags (like a h1, h3, p) to be kept while the style is overwritten by the actually font style we define for that block.

Here’s an example of one of our spec sheets:

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