Hover state to keep swapped library colors

Hi there,

I have a core design system library with all the buttons, interactive components, colors styles etc. Then I have a separate design system, that is used on top of the core design system, using the Swap library feature. It only contains a different primary/hover color for all the controls from the Core. It also uses the same names for styles/colors, so when I swap it I can still use my Core buttons but in a different color.

The problem is that in prototype mode the hover colors are still taken from Core library, not the new one (that was swapped).

I see two ways to fix that problem:

  1. Create a clone of Core design system, but in different color theme.
  2. Move all interactive components as clones from Core into Second design system, to make sure hover colors will be properly overridden.

Any other way to make it simple? Long story short, we want to use one core design system, but each product has a variations of it, mostly around color theme.


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