Hover-over text link components don't show the colour change in prototype

Hover over text links are expected to change in either colour, boldness, adding an underline or any combination of these characteristic visual changes. So i created a text link component that changed colour and boldness upon hover. I then created a list of links using my text link component. The goal of this was to be able to display how this list of text links will change colour when each is individually hovered over by the user. Easy.

However, Figma for some reason will not display the change in colour. It will read boldness but not colour in my component variant’s properties.

This has been the case forever for me. Anyone else experienced the same?

The only way to get around it to create individual screens that show the change in text link colour and then create the hover-over interaction between screens, but we all know this is not ideal. It may satisfy the requirement for 1 link, but not a gazillion.

Fixing this bug would be lovely.

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