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Hotkeys for title/heading/subtitle/normal

Hi Figjam,

This product is really nice! I really enjoy using it!

I have an idea is that: what if we could have hotkeys for changing text between normal/heading/subtitle… etc. It will be helpful when texting on the board without mouse move to the select bar to choose the heading level.

I have two proposals:

  1. A hotkey for bring the select heading pop up to open (⌘ Command + ⌥ Option + H) , then use arrow key ↑ and ↓ to select heading level

  2. Specify Title, Heading, Subheading and normal hotkeys for each, e.g. Title (⌘ Command + ⌥ Option + 1) , Heading (⌘ Command + ⌥ Option + 2), Subheading (⌘ Command + ⌥ Option + 3) and Normal (⌘ Command + ⌥ Option + 4)

Thank you for providing this amazing product for human beings!

Hey! Thanks for the feedback. It’s currently not possible to customize shortcuts, but you can vote & add any additional feedback for it here:

Glad to hear you’re enjoying FigJam! :smile:

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