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Hot key for grabbing locked layers?

Hey, new to Figma. Probably dumb, but I was wondering there’s a key you can hold down what will allow you to select (and just modify) a locked item, without actually unlocking it. Thanks!

Hey there @Wolfgang_H, this isn’t possible at the moment. There might be a plugin out there that could help by selecting locked layers and temporarily unlocking them though.

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Right click selects the locked layer, but also in the context menu you can find Select menu that shows all layers under the cursor so you can easily pick the locked layer from that list. Also you can quickly open this menu directly with Cmd/Ctrl + Right click.


Oh yeah forgot about this!

Yeah, that helps me select it, but I was hoping for something that would allow me to click and drag it around. It’s just one extra step from there to unlock then relock, so no biggie. It’d be cool if a command+click would allow this or something like that. Thanks to both of you!

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