Host figma prototype in your domain

This might seem odd but I want to make a small website 2 or 3 pages with only Figma. I want to host Figma prototype on a Personal Domain and I want to change URL (routes) in browser address bar as I navigate through the figma prototype. In other words, I want to navigate through Figma prototype but with a custom domain.

Though there are some pitfalls for this - No SEO etc but I am aware of these and want to go with it.

One solution is to use iFrame and embed Figma prototype in it. But it won’t update the Browser Address Bar as I navigate.

I’m pretty sure that there would be a Workaround rather than a Solution. If you have any suggestions that might help, please share.

Using my Demo Station plugin you can export your prototype to a local files and upload to any web-hosting under your personal domain.
Yes, currently it has limitations, not all prototype features are supporting, but in many cases it’s quite useful.

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