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Horsey and Confusing

Hi! I am new to Figma—coming here from having worked in UXPin and Flash 4 (yes I am old), most happily. Axure is atrocious for many reasons, but I do remember it also enabled interaction, far more easily (albeit from canned patterns).

My feedback, is that all of the interactivity in Figma is incredibly awkward. It’s just trying too hard to get people used to working “flat,” into working interactively. It is so much work to get basic stuff setup—and then once I do, my prototypes break easily and I have no idea where to even begin troubleshooting. One prototype, just broke completely.

Also: Why does Figma require I re-invent everything, and not offer me the option of just using Browser-native components (like text boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, and form fields)? I want to be able to do this with so many of my prototypes, to save memory—as I find it arrogant for designers to want to customize EVERYTHING—and it’s frustrating that I cannot do this in Figma. Like, I want to see what things would look like in Safari vs Chrome vs Bing, using their native components within the container of my design. Without having to re-create all of that.

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