Horrible figma support

Hello Figma Support,

By any chance if this reaches to you.

I have submitted a couple of tickets to the Figma support team because my Figma team account has been locked, but I have not received any response from them yet its more than 4 days now.

We purchased a Figma license on November 29, 2023, and suddenly, our account is locked in 4th June 2024. This situation is unacceptable as my projects are now inaccessible, and I cannot use Figma. I have also shared a screenshot of my credit card statement, which clearly shows that the license amount has been successfully deducted on 29th November 2023. What is going on here?

Figma Team need to understand this while having excellent software is an asset, poor support like this is a significant liability. I am stuck with Figma without any INSURANCE my files are stuck with this as our ongoing projects are on Figma i cannot move from Figma now but we cannot continue if this keep happening again and again, I understand that my departure may not impact Figma, but I am sharing this here in the hope that someone can bring this to the attention of the relevant team.

Thank you.
Best regards,