Home Page Sidebar full view and sort

I use the home page left sidebar to organize files and access them quickly (and it’s very helpful for that). However, I think it would be even better with a few feature additions:

  • I treat my sidebar lists as personal folders that improve my efficiency, whereas my team as a whole has its own system of organization for files in projects to ensure that all stakeholders can navigate easily to the right files. I would love to be able to click into a sidebar list and view its contents in full page mode in the same way that you can click into projects and view their contents. Pinning could function in the same way it does in projects, but pinned items could also be displayed as pins at the top of a list in the sidebar. This would allow me to treat a sidebar list as a project without impacting the organization system that others on my team see and use.
  • It would also be very helpful to have the ability to sort (in both the sidebar view and the full view detailed above) sidebar contents by recency so the ones I’m currently opening the most frequently and recently could be bumped up to the top of the list organically without requiring manual reorganization. Obviously, the current behavior should also be retained as a custom order option.

Hey @marinah, thanks for flagging this to us and sorry for the oversight with our previous response!

We’ll pass this feedback onto our team for future consideration.

In the future, let us know as soon as this occurs and we can fix straight away!