Hiding Teams and project folders

Sometimes we’re having meetings with clients where we’re screen sharing and want to hide our other Teams/Clients and the projects within those teams in the left-hand panel on the home tab, for NDA and privacy reasons. Is there a way to do this currently? If not, has anyone found a workaround?

We’ve been creatively renaming all the project folders for now… but I wish there was a better way that was both easier to implement and added privacy. Thanks

Are you screen sharing your file browser Figma instance setup? Or more inside of a design file?

If you’re primarily sharing your design files/prototypes, there’s a nice feature in Zoom called “pause screenshare”. I do this all the time when I’m presenting to customers and transitioning between files. Once I’m done sharing from one file, I’ll pause the screenshare until I have my next file open and ready. I know this isn’t a Figma thing, but hopefully it helps! Unfortunately I’m not sure about other video tools—maybe there’s something similar.

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