Hide the 2 panels on the left and right

Figma team,

Often the 2 panels on the left and right are just coming in my way. I want to see middle section in the full width of the Figma window. If I want them I will get them. I would be surprised if I am the first one asking for this.


“cmd + .” will hide it

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Thank you! What a relief! I am not a power user - I am a product manager, not UI guy - and I could not find it in the menu options.

While there are shortcuts for this and a contextual command (right-click or whatever the equivalent on a Mac), these options are invisible. I am an occasional user. I review other people’s work. I do not remember the shortcuts. I had to ask somebody to tell me how to enter full-screen view.

So, please provide a visible control for hiding the 2 panels.


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