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Hide Pages from other Users until ready to share

  1. Problem: nowhere for independent ideation

  2. As a file owner, it would be ideal to have the option to a hide or make a page private from other Users so that you can still work with the styles in the same file. I find that I want to explore different design concepts in an area that no other team mates can see.

  3. Does anyone else experience this? Is anyone using a plugin or workaround to help solve this?


I have the same problem. Especially if you’re not ready to share a file with a colleague. I could only create a page and put it in the last place, finally named “🪦”. :rofl:


Thanks for sharing @YingMing !!!

This would be so helpful! I end up creating dupe files, one for WIP and one to share with developers and have to copy things back and forth. It gets very confusing.

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@Figma correct me if I’m wrong but this is fixed with the new Drafts area coming April 21!! Woohooo!!

Right!? So much double handling. I think they’re introducing something for this soon in Drafts area. Such good news !!

Yes please! This would be so helpful. I have no idea, how all these fellow designers manage to share certain areas of a project with developers and clients while hiding unfinished work. Right now I have all my pages marked with emojis but this always requires explanation.

The ability to make certain pages public and keep others private would be so handy! Please @Figma, take this into consideration.

I don’t actually think this has been covered yet.

I thought it was covered with the ‘Teams’ update but I still want an area in a shared file that is just to myself.

Regardless of if it’s in drafts or a team - I don’t think you can show and hide pages or manage permissions amongst pages yet

Something I really need and I think others do too


It is annoying to copy boards to a different file. Specially you loose components and comments.

I use a little trick adding pages named to look like separators. While not actually hiding anything, it’s useful to share the files with non-designers who never found what’s hiding there :wink:

It’s just a bunch of mdashes: