Hide base components from Assets panel, but keep ability to publish as part of library

Using the prefix [.] or [_} at the start of a component name will hide it from publishing. You can also decide not to use the prefix and instead manually select each component, right-click, and select ‘Hide from publishing’. Either option moves the component to a ‘Hidden’ folder in the Assets panel. This doesn’t really work for me because sometimes I create multiple base components which combined create a bigger component that is considered an Asset that designers can use. If I ‘Hide from publishing’ these base components then when I publish the library these base components are not updated and overrides are not always maintained. I could manually change the base components to “Show when publishing”, publish library, and then change back to “Hide from publishing”, but it’s not ideal. Is there a way to remove/hide these base components from the Assets panel (or to a single folder like when they are hidden) while still remaining publishable?


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