Hi Everyone, can you help me to animate a screen that animate itself left to right and return en looping style for a VR screen

I need your help with creating an animation for a VR screen that moves from left to right and then loops back continuously.

for your clarity here is the preview link https://www.figma.com/proto/MVY3gfHKsJoH03CHCvKYRj/Vision-PRO-Design-Concept-(Community)?page-id=1%3A2&type=design&node-id=1-44&viewport=560%2C527%2C0.17&t=eWst1wVT8u8Xg1e4-1&scaling=min-zoom&starting-point-node-id=1%3A272&mode=design

Hi there,

Thanks for the post! I’ve looked at your proto, and it looks great. Could you clarify any specific questions where you need any help? Since it looks working fine, I’m wondering where you got stuck.