Help: Zoom out effect in a protoype on same page

Wanted to create a Zoom out effect in a prototype - Starting with an image and then when you click a button it will zoom out and display a different image. To get back you can click another button to zoom back into the original image.

Please can nayone help??

Hey Emilio!

Are you zooming out to a different image, or just zooming out to view the original image at a smaller size?

Here is a draft example of smart animate using a screenshot from Google maps

Any time you use the “Smart Animate” feature, it will use the layer names to determine the start and end points of the animation. If a layer isn’t in a frame, it will fade in/out.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

An animation like this will normally require two frames to accomplish. You could also utilize variants to accomplish this, but it’ll still require two states to get the animation.