Help with app flow

Hello, I’m working on a prototype for an events app, and I’m trying to wrap my head around this question:

The flow is - choose a type of event, then where and then when. However how can I link the screens when only the type of the event changes (just for testing speaking).

For example:

Type: Party, where: Berlin, when: Today, should link to the parties results section.

However: Type: festival, where: Berlin, when: today, should link to the festivals results section.

Do I need to copy all the where and when screen in order to create a flow for each type of event, or can I somehow avoid that by using the same screens of the where and when.

Hey Oded, thank you for reaching out. I’d suggest working with Multiple actions and conditionals. As your prototypes increase in depth and complexity, you can use multiple actions and conditionals to handle multiple or different outcomes within the same interaction.

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