HELP! It keep pushing me component update published 3months ago, and it can't update my latest changes

Hi Figma team and all,

I encounter a weird bug after the Figma update. My asset update list keeps appearing with the components I have updated and published long ago (10 days, 1 month, 3 months ago), these historical changes occupy my list and do not respond to my update request. I published new changes to them, but they still won’t update all my files with no error alert. It’s been like this for a few days.

I wonder if anyone has encountered this situation as well? How can I solve this problem?

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I also encountered this. I am here looking for solution, too.

You can try to unpublish and then publish your library again, some components that are not updatable will be updated. But after some time, another wave of these not-updatable components will appear again.

Looks like a bug of Figma, huh.

yes, it looks like it happened to a lot of users. I did that already, it always reappears the same and 4 items. 3 of my 4 items are related to button components. Hope they are aware and fix it ASAP.

I have a design library. We created a button that is used broadly across hundreds of pages. We made a change to the button accidentally and it got pushed out. Of course all of the call to action buttons changed to the Default. Fortunately that was done during a period where it was convenient to Revert the changes from the History menu. This represents a huge risk to the entire project if someone accidentally pushes a change or doesn’t see the button checked on the update list. How do we manage this safely?

I am also experiencing the same bug. I have some changes in my button component file that all other files seem okay with. However, one design file that i am currently working on, always shows that there are updates and no matter how many times I update the components from the published changes, it still shows that there are updates.

Does anyone have experience reaching out to Figma support for troubleshooting?

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I am experiencing the exact same problem, hope it is fixed soon.

Same, bump!