Help for navigating between instances<>masters on canvas

For a long time I have a big problem. I almost every time work with components and million times I’ve been experiencing this:

  1. Select an instance
  2. go and press “Go to main component” button >
    …(Make editing)
  3. By zooming out or dragging try to find where was I and locate there.
    “Go back to instance” button disappears most of the time IDK why.

Could anybody tell me or show me how can I go to selected instance’s master and than how can I go back wherever I was with its position and zoom. I’m loosing tons of time with those steps as probably everybody understand that here.

please save me PLEASEEEEEEE

Hi Burak! I was really glad to see this post because I’ve had the exact same issue as you described: the “return to instance” toast disappearing too soon. You inspired me to research the problem, and I think I have good news for us: the “return to instance” toast only disappears when you deselect the main component after using the “go to main component” toast!

It seems the trick is to keep the main component selected after jumping to it. And even in the event you deselect it by clicking on another object, or the empty canvas space, you can use the Undo feature, Command + Z, to go back to when the main component was selected which also brings back the toast! Sometimes I find it overkill that Figma’s history includes selections and de-selections, but in this case it’s very handy :sweat_smile:

Here’s a GIF I recorded that demos this: Return to instance

Let me know if this helps!

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Like AlicePackard says, the toast disappears when you deselect the master component.
However, there’s no need to hit undo until you have the master component selected again. You can just simply select it.

There’s a workflow I developed before Figma introduced the “return to instance” toast that mostly solved this issue, it may still make things easier depending on your preferred workflow.
I used to create a separate page where I kept all my components. So after selecting an instance and choosing “Go to master component”, you can make the edits you want on the component page, you can even scroll around and work on other master components, and to go back you just hit PageDown.
The downside to this workflow is if you use any master components for prototyping. For that to work they need to be on the same page.
But at least you’ve got alternatives.

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Stefan this is a really helpful discovery! I just tested it out to see if there were any particular actions, or number of actions, that could be taken that would cause the toast not to reappear when re-selecting the main component that I jumped to. Happy to see that no matter how many other pages I navigated to, new shapes or frames I drew and adjusted, I could always click on the main component and get the toast back. It’s way more persistent than I originally thought!!

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