Hello designers, do you know how to make this layout?

Hey @Hussain_Malik, thank you for reaching out! I wasn’t able to find any resources for this that’s why I’ve asked internally if the team has any suggestions. Will give you an update once I receive a response. I am also leaving this open for the community to jump in.

Appreciate your patience!

Hey @Hussain_Malik, I’ve got the following tips from the team:

The vector pieces looks relatively straightforward:

  •   Rounded rectangle for the outer container
  •   A white half circle in the bottom center
  •   4 white thin rectangles, rotated and aligned to the center of the circle
  •   Then use the boolean and masking features to have more control
  •   Fill the areas with an image
  •   Drop the opacity of 2 of the images

Let me know if this helps to create the design or if you have any further questions.