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Having trouble setting constraint to button

Im trying to fix the button to the bottom of the frame, but I cant seem to get it to stick to the bottom. I tried setting constraint to the butotn it doesnt give me the option of setting constraints to it. Whenever I open the accordion it overlaps the content. I have attached two pictures showing this problem. Thanks!

s the accordion content.

First thing I would do is make sure that the main frame where your design lives is set to “vertical scrolling” in the prototyping tab. In order to set it to vertical scroll, you need to have the content in that frame live outside the size of the frame. To do this, create the content with the frame stretched out so you can see what you’re doing, click the “clip content” checkbox, and then resize the frame back to a normal vertical size. Finally, click on the button you want to keep static and click the checkbox that says “Fix position when scrolling”. image

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Thanks for the reply! I tried what you recommended however, that was the problem I was running in the first place. It doesn’t give me that option when I click on the button.

To be able to fix the position of an element, you will need to pull it out of Auto Layout “Frame 23”.