Have multiple actions when clicking a buton

Hi there,

I’m trying to have 2 actions when clicking a buton. One is changing my buton to another property (it’s an interactive component). The 2nd is to go to another frame. I did not find a way to do that easily. Can anyone please help ?
Thanks a lot

With a picture : I would like to click on my yellow buton “State 1”, then go to the other frame and when I close this frame, my buton has changed to state 2.

There might be other way as well. I have been doing this way. Firstly, when the button 1 is on mouse enter change the state to button 2. Similarly, button 2, on mouse leaving change to button on.
Copy button on any screens and prototype the button state using on click.

I hope this helps you.


I also believe that having multiple ‘actions’ to a click (or some of the other interactions for that matter) should be a possibility. Workarounds are fine, but they take time and sometimes they just simply do not work or are not the same as the intent.


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