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Have Assets listed in search show their Hierarchy as if you named them using slash commands

I like to use Frames and Pages to organize my component library. However when I search for Assets, it only shows the name of the component which makes it difficult when you have 5 different components for Header for different types contexts across multiple libraries.

Example using frames:
Page: “A”
Frame: “B”
Component: “Component”
Has the proper structure in Asset Panel (A > B > Component) but only shows “Component” when searching

If were instead to use slash naming with pages:
“A / B / Component” shows when searching so I have contexgt
but in the Asset Browser the Page and Slash structure is duplicated showing (A > A > B > Component)

So I’m left with the choice of
A) having all my components in one page with slash naming so I can use both Asset Panel & Asset Search
B) organized by page and frame but unable to use the asset search.

Ideally a component when searched would show it’s hierarchy as a version of slash naming.

Anyone has a solution for this? Hoping to avoid workarounds. Who’s using A vs B?

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