Handle plugin location from figma.ui

Would be nice to set the placement of the plugin inside the screen, allowing to describe if we want the plugin on the top-left corner or even specific pixels.

The necessity of this it’s because when interacting with the plugin and doing a resize, the plugin can be out of the viewport, looking weird, or even not being visible to the users when is located at the left.

A way to reproduce this behavior would be doing a resize:
figma.ui.resize(1000, 1000);
Move the plugin all that you can to the LEFT, and then call the resize to make it smaller
figma.ui.resize(100, 100);

Now, the plugin is still open, but is not visible, and if you restart the plugin it will open on the same hidden X/Y position.


In Figma API version 1 update 37 added position option to showUI.

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