Hand drawn stroke type

It would be nice if you could change stroke style to look hand drawn/sketched to convey a feeling of an early prototype.
I have seen some community files do this, but it would be so much easier if you could just change it directly in Figma without relying on complicated setups.

Yes! Given the amount of time/effort invested in building up a great design system component library, it’s silly that we should the have to create variants or such just to be able to validate concepts and usefulness. Since Figma knows how to draw every vector of every primitive, it should be much easier to render the path stroke as semi-random “sketched” as well as override every font with a hand-lettered style. (Axure did it, obviously.)

This has been mentioned numerous times in the past. But no indication that it is being worked on, and the sheer volume of suggestions means that it’s hard to keep at the top of the heap.

[Cross-reference keywords: hand-drawn, sketchy mode, low / medium / high fidelity, toggle, Axure]

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+1 Yes please.

Axure could do this out-of-box with one click. It allows a designer the convenience to use components from their own design system to quickly ideate multiple ideas, but without having to worry about precision, allowing the audience to focus on workflow first, and UI specifics later.

The best thing about the feature was when you were ready, you could remove the sketch effect and tidy up your assets in higher fidelity, without losing or repeating any work - but only when the high-level direction has been agreed with stakeholders.

Current low-fi in Figma uses a different design system which means you have to recreate frames and lose work.

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