Hackable URLs for files/creators/widgets?

I was looking for some UI components on internet and I found something interesting on internet but more than that, it was a figma file with this URL: Calendar UI | Figma Community

It’s very cool to navigate quickly on the web to check it, and go back to my reseach on internet OR open this file on my figma app.

The problem : It’s not convenient to get it back on figma app (macOS) quickly.

The behavior: I have to type the name of the component and find it.

The improvement: Be able to copy paste the id of the file in the search bar to get exactly the file I saw on internet.


Make search on internet, find an interesting figma file on internet. (Calendar UI | Figma Community)

Copy/Paste the file id in figma macOS app in the community search bar (1034483012549130899).

Show the exact file I was looking for.

PS: could work with plugins/creators/widgets too ?

While doing research, you don’t need to get back to Figma app: just click “Get a copy” in that file, and then you’ll have a copy of the file waiting for you in your Drafts that you can open in the Figma app.

Another way is after getting a copy of the file, it opens in the browser and you can press Cmd + L, Cmd + C to copy the link, then Cmd + W to close the tab. With the link copied, go to Figma and use File → Open File from URL (also available in the arrow menu on Windows).

What you are describing would be cool too.

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