Guys, a newbie need hep, how to tap X to close the scrolling sidebar menu ›

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I can not use the component sidebar to scroll

Hi @Loc_Tran
I can see from your screenshot that you connect the scrollbars of your component’s variant. What did you use? Have you try an on Drag interaction ?

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can you tell me how to make it? I want to make a scrollable sidebar that users will tap X to return to the main screen. :frowning:
It can scroll without “X” but when overlaps with the “X”, it cannot scroll anymore

Click on one of your scrollbar interaction, then change the interaction type from On click/On tap to On drag (as shown below).
It should not be a problem with the cross icon since they don’t overlap

This solution will make the view scroll, but you will only be able to “scroll” into it by dragging the scrollbar.

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