Grow buttons upwards

Is there any way to have buttons grow upwards instead of downwards?
What i have now is an auto-height text field, bottom aligned inside an autolayout frame, fixed width, hug height, bottom center aligned. I would expect the frame to grow upwards when entering more text since the text field is bottom aligned, but it grows downwards.

Could you share a link to an example file?

Doesn’t setting your constraint to bottom instead of top (which is the default) help?

@tank666 here you go

@Farhad_Majidi I’m using auto layout on the frame, so constraints can’t be applied

I edited your file adding 3 implementations there.

Amazing, thanks! love the rotated button approach XD
really weird that it works with a component and switching the alignment in the instance.
All solutions stop working when nested into height-hugging auto layout frames though :confused: