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Grouped Elements Disappearing

Hey guys, I’ve been using Figma and loving it but for some reason when I group different things together they go invisible. I can see that they’re still there and it’s visible in the layers panel but I can’t see it and I can’t export it because it exports invisible! How do I fix this? Am I doing something wrong? I really need to export my finished work but half of it went invisible when I grouped them so I can export them. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the rectangle masks I’m using to recolour my icons. How can I fix this?

First you need to group the masks with the objects you want masked (so they don’t apply to anything you don’t want), and then you need to group everything else.

I have the icon and the colour rectangle group already, but then they are inside other groups.

Does this help at all?

Your screenshot shows that your objects are not grouped. Pay attention to the layers panel.

To add to what tank666 said, the arrows with lines on the left of the layers here show masking, not grouping. The arrow shows which layers will be masked by the mask layer at the bottom.

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