Grouped comments section still NEED the number of each comment. Otherwise, without the number, it is very inefficient

The zoom in/out in the comment section can be great, BUT it was horrible without a comment number. My client and my team members, while we having a meeting, we cannot remember which comments we were talking about (as there is no number in the comment anymore), while there are so many comments we need to resolve.

Missing comments number makes us work much slower, as they needed to find ‘wait what comment I was about to fix again…’. The team members are very annoyed with these new changes.

If you and the community have any better resolve, let me know. Because the only suggestion I can get is to put back the number of the comment. Please!

Thanks again.

Looks like this already exists:

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I knew it! I know a lot of people find these are annoying and very time-consuming as well.
Thanks for letting me know


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