Grid based favorable components use cases


Since autolayout is so awesome and useful, I’ve never found a reason to use grids and I can’t think of a problem that grids can solve that autolayout cannot.

Recently I watched an “Office Hours” video on youtube, and the question came up when to use grids in favor of autolayout, and though there was an answer it didn’t really showcase how grids solve something that autolayout can’t.

So what I’m wondering is if there is any material out there to study the advantages to using grids instead of, or in combination with, autolayout when creating components (if it’s not going to utilize adaptation to different sizes, something that is common for components, then what’s the point?)

I’m really curious about the uses for grids. It’s like there’s a whole side of Figma that just goes to waste.

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i can’t even view the grids for some reason please help if you know the reason

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