Greater contrast and customisation options for pinned 'tabs'

I’ve recently started a document called ‘Scratchpad’ that I use for things that aren’t worth their own file - quick UI sketches during a call, dumb memes for group chats, etc.

I pin this tab for easy access, but still find myself forgetting about it or closing it when I close all other tabs. I sort of do this unconsciously and will notice at a certain point that I must have closed it. This would doubly because a problem with multiple pinned tabs, e.g. a Scratchpad and a Design system.

It’d be great if we could either set certain preferences for these pinned tabs, or if the defaults we changed, either way it would be cool if:

  1. Pinned tabs were easier to spot by increasing contrast between them and other tabs (different icon, customisable icon, different tab colour, etc) - at the moment the visual differentiation is achieved by removing the title (the most important info) and leaving the file-type icon (the least important bit of information in my opinion

  2. I could choose to have the title show if I want

and then the pinned nature of the tab is not just that the title is hidden and it sits on the top left, but if…

  1. It was harder to close, e.g. if I had to right click it to close - I think this is the behaviour on certain browsers

Uploaded a quick and dirty mockup of how I might customise the tab given the options:

Scratchpad Mockup

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