Gradient disappears

Hi, Support
I found the following problem, svg is exported with gradient, but when inserted in admin file the gradient disappears. I first decided that there was a problem with admins file, but this bug is fixed by a re-storing the export file in the AI. Please help :pray: to found solution to export from the figma, not cool to run 400 svg files though the AI per day.

This is a known issue but please report it to Figma support team via the bug report form. Don’t forget to attach screenshots, SVG file example and the original Figma file link.

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This happens because the ID is added to the SVG elements code and the ID has : symbol in it which makes it broken in the browsers.

Gleb thanks, how can I fix it?

You can manually remove : from the IDs in SVG code.

Thanks, I’ll try

:cry: it’s not help, gradient broked
Check please, image

This one “:”?

Yes, you need to remove this : and everywhere else this ID is used too. You can use find & replace in your text editor to change 1762:13136 to 176213136 for example.

Oh,this one didn’t help, may be something else?

Can you share the SVG file that you got after removing :? You can either upload it here or paste as code.

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Great, thanks, this metod worked. Are there some ways to export? so that the color is unloaded correctly

Hello, Figma Community.
I have the following problem with the svg file - after exporting the id parameters and the url link to the id parameters includes the “:” symbol, this symbol does not allow the exported file to be displayed correctly in our system. Anyone have any ideas for exporting svg without “:”?
For example, here are the following lines containing “:”:
clipPath id=“clip0_1714:13361”

Других способов экспортировать нет, это баг, надо ждать пока пофиксят и писать в поддержку, как я писал выше. А пока вручную преобразовывать SVG или через иллюстратор.

Ок, спасибо, будем пока так

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