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Going from Figma to After Effects

Hi all,

I’ve recently made the move from XD to Figma. I have designed a complete landing page in Figma and now want to animate it in AE. For simple animation I have exported assets from Figma as images, for this landing page however, I will need to bring in things like the text as editable text.

I wondered if there is best practice approach for working with complete page designs in AE, I am currently thinking that a combined approach of exporting images from figma into AE and manually creating text in AE might be the only way to do it. I did try the AEUX plugin but it didn’t work for me, perhaps I need to tweak in Figma for the AEUX export to be accurate?

Any advice would be great.


Try using Adobe XD - File → Export → Export to After Effects - it transfers all the graphic in one click