Glitch in a exported SVG with embedded PNGs

I exported an SVG with 10 PNGs embedded in total. I can view the SVG without any flaw with Gapplin. However, when developers put the SVG on the website, we see some flaws in the SVG such as the one below. I’m also looking for any suggestion to reduce the exported SVG size! Thanks for your answers in advance!
Screen Shot 2023-12-19 at 19.03.50

Hey there, sorry for the trouble!

This issue with SVG exports is related to how certain platforms, such as Chrome, handle antialiasing for SVGs. Resolving this issue would require making tradeoffs that are highly dependent on the specific situation and could impact other aspects of our product’s functionality. At this time, our team regrets to inform you that we won’t be able to fix it.

We do have a possible workaround that may help, but we should note that it is quite advanced and may require some technical expertise. You can try adding a shape-rendering attribute to the root SVG tag with the value of “crispEdges” such as shape-rendering="crispEdges" of the exported SVG file. You can view more here:

We understand that this can be frustrating. Rest-assured that we take these issues seriously. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we continue to work towards improving this behavior in the future.

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Thank you for your answer! Hope it will be solved soon!