Giving unique access to specific pages

+1 - want to share my finalized work with the developers but not work in progress


exactly !
@D-Edge is it gonna happen?

@Lishay This was the problem I was facing everyday in my work when I want share the few pages only for Dev team or Scrum Master or for client review, I don’t know why Figma was Forgot this amazing feature. @ Figma Please add this ASAP.

Is there any update on when this feature will be added to Figma? Creating new files for every project for partner reviews creates a lot of clutter and adds confusion to file management system & sharing processes.


+1 on this one!

we need this urgently, you are letting our clients access absolutely everything, references, wip, work processes, discards… working like this is chaos!

This would be so helpful! Being able to hide pages & Areas; only sharing what you want a client to actually see.

Right now I’m creating a duplicate with only what I want to share, but it gets tricky when I have to keep updating two different files

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This view is too unintuitive for the client to realize there’s a vanishing pager at the bottom to click through the artboards. Also, I have variatio

Update on this @Figma_Support @Josh ? It’s such a basic feature…

Hey there. No specific update to share at the moment. We are however, always looking at and working on ways to improve our sharing experience, whether thats through branching, updates to the share modal, or something else. Please keep the feedback coming! :slight_smile:

Within my company we would also like to have this feature included. I’d like to have the stakeholders the access to the latest iteration but not see old versions in the same project. We’ve had multiple occasions where my teammates started giving feedback on the wrong page.

Though not a perfect solution for your request, we can share ONLY prototypes with people instead of the whole file -

This is SO needed!

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I’m a designer at Costco. Our project teams are having difficulty seeing the latest version (or final version). We are having to do stuff like this to help the situation, but it’s not enough. We surveyed our devs and many of them have reported confusion around being able to clearly identify which is the final or latest design.

12-1-22 - v4 (Latest Design)
:arrow_right_hook: 9-6-22 - v3 - revised headers
:arrow_right_hook: 8-6-22 - v2 - Added snackbar
:arrow_right_hook: 8-4-22 - Brainstorm session and notes
:arrow_right_hook: 7-4-22 - v1 (initial draft)

We need to be able to hide pages. Something more like this…

12-1-22 - v4 (Latest Design)
:arrow_right_hook: 9-6-22 - v3 - revised headers
:arrow_right_hook: 8-6-22 - v2 - Added snackbar
:arrow_right_hook: 7-4-22 - v1 (initial draft)

1000% onboard. I’m at a huge company, and having the ability to set up components for auto updating decks. Brilliant functionality

+1 to this idea, would be really handy to set viewing permissions per layer

Many things to get better,

  1. Sharing single pages with unique links
  2. Sharing single frames with unique links

Each one of the above, you can decide if the viewer can edit / download each element / or only watch/interact with the link without editing.