Give permissions to specific branches

Anyone that has view permissions on the main file can view the branch file and vice versa. We have clients that would like to view what we’ve created, but we don’t want them to see us while we’re actively working through them. We thought branches would be a good way to share our weekly progress with them, but we found that if the clients were figma savy enough they would know that they can open the branch file or main file without being invited to both (they just need to be invited to one of them).

So, It would be nice if we can keep the view permissions confined to just the main or a branch file.


Yes this, and we need to be able to isolate pages within files with different levels of permissions, i.e., view, edit, etc. by page so that people external to an organization cannot see pages we don’t want them to see.

Even, EVEN better if we could create a frame with permissions within a page and isolate a users view that way.

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