Give more control to the file owner

Hello Figma Team,

My name is Kaval. Before I get into my problem, I’d like to point out that Figma is one of the most well-crafted products I’ve ever seen.

I’d like to request that the Figma Team enable the possibility to control duplicating files for owners in an advanced setting. We may want individuals to change the file in some cases, but I do not want them to be able to duplicate it.

In my opinion, Figma can add control of “Allow Duplicate files” like the attached photo. It will solve the problem. I would love to hear from the Figma Product team as well.
advance option
Right now all the 3 options copy, share, and export are in the one but in some way if Figma can more control then it would be great.

I hope, this suggestion is adding more value to the users. Thank you.

Love Figma

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