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Git style versioning

Version control is weak in Figma right now. It would be really cool to see Figma integrate with Abstract or create their own robust version management system. When you work at a larger company your design has to be peer-reviewed and there is often back and forth between design, PM, and development. It would be amazing if Figma had a way to view that back and forth as well as some form of “approval management flow.”

My ideal flow:

  1. I open my design file on the master “branch”
  2. I create a new branch called “new feature”
  3. I create new designs and then submit the design for review
  4. I can choose who I want to review my “new feature” branch
  5. The reviewer can leave comments and I can respond until issues are resolved
  6. Reviewer can approve the design
  7. I merge the design into the master branch
  8. If someone modified the same frames as me a conflict will appear and Figma will provide a way to decide which changes to keep.
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