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Ghost components or old names on newly updated library


After a big update on our main library, it seems some components from the previous version, or good ones but with their previous names, are showing up in the updated library when using it in a project, even in a fresh new one.

It actually seems to happen for components that are now internal to the library (starting with . or _).

For exemple, “Searchbar/Large/Searchbar-Input” will still appear whereas it’s now a variant of “_recherche input”. So it should have the new name, and it should not even show up as it’s now an internal component.

We simplified a lot our library, using variant and internal components so it’s easier for external designer to work with, but with this issue, it still makes it complex.

Anyone else facing this issue?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Same problem here, I regularly see delete/modified components when searching in the assets panel. This is very confusing for the designers using our library.

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