Gestalt Theory


I have an audit of a site of my choice inspired by Gestalt’s law, but I can’t find any example of audit that respect directly this law.
I must specify that I am an UI student and UX is not evident for me.

What are the general principles in UX that are inspired by Gestalt’s law?

PS: I have to use the 6 main principles: Similarity - Continuation - Closure - Proximity - Figure/Ground - Symmetry and Order.

Thank you.

You may not find all the principles on one site. To solve your assignment yourself look up examples and explanations via internet research and then look for them applied in different websites for example Prägnanz use the Olympic logo example or anything that uses simple forms in its design.

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Thank you for your answer, I am doing an ergonomics audit and I will base it on 3 Gestalt principles.