German release notes not up to date

I don’t know where to post this, so i try here. I was wondering for a while why my Figma app would say there is a new update but whenever i looked at the release notes website it said the last update was multiple weeks old. Until i realized the website automatically redirects you to the german site (and i guess other languages have the same problem) and without a possibility to tell the site not to do this i had to set my Browser to english just to check out if the release notes where different in english and lo and behold there they were the last 4 updates I could not see as a user generally enjoing websites in my native tounge… So is it to much to ask to get up to date german release notes or at least get a language select on the website so I dont have to jump through hoops just to find out what changes were made to my work utility?

Hello Dominik, thank you for your feedback. The team confirmed that the English-language page will be published first and the German-language page will be updated afterwards. However, we are now working on a solution to publish the pages in a timely manner.

:de: Hallo Dominik, danke für dein ausführliches Feedback. Ich habe dies an das Team weitergeleitet und die Rückmeldung erhalten, dass die englischsprachige Seite zuerst veröffentlicht wird und die deutschsprachige Seite nachträglich aktualisiert wird. Allerdings arbeiten wir nun an einer Lösung, um die Seiten zeitnah zu veröffentlichen.