Generating interactive controls from a list of text

Is there a quick way to generate multiple controls like checkboxes, radio buttons, choices in a dropdown menu, toggles, chips, etc., based on a text list?

I recently had to create a bunch of checkboxes for movie genres, and there are 24 genres. I had to enter each genre in the checkbox’s label field 24 times…

Imagine the time and effort saved if you could easily generate certain types of interactive controls, with their labels or options taken from a text list of items (in my case I’d copy the text from Browse Movies and TV by Genre - IMDb).

I searched the Figma plugins and didn’t find anything (if I am mistaken pls let me know), but here’s how I’d imagine the UX of such a plugin:

  1. Select the type of control you want to generate (e.g. checkboxes)
  2. Enter or copy/paste the labels for each checkbox, into a single multiline text field. Each new line means a new checkbox with whatever is on that new line as the checkbox label.
  3. Press a button to generate the checkboxes

From there you could check/uncheck the checkboxes (using variants), and arrange them in your layout as you see fit.

There could of course be more options (checkbox style, spacing, etc…) but I imagine this could be easily tweaked via the component(s) that this plugin would generate.

Again, if anyone knows of a plugin that facilitates this kind of thing, please do share! I wasn’t able to find one.