General Question: Alternative to Figma on Twitter?

Hi Folks,

now that Twitter is more and more turning into something that I don’t feel like I want to be on anymore, is there an alternative social media outlet for the newest Figma related stuff? I feel like I’m totally cut off of any news since I left Twitter… I regularly followed Figma’s official channel, a channel related to plugins and FigmaHunt on Twitter.
Do you guys all stay on Twitter? Or where do you get your news from?

Thanks for your replies and have a nice day all,

Hey hey! We’ve got a Threads account if you’re on that platform: Figma (@figma) on Threads

That could be a good alternative if you’re looking for something with quick updates :blush:

We’re also on LinkedIn + instagram if you’d like content on other established social platforms.

Hi @knishida , thank you for your reply. Threads is unfortunately currently not available in Europe but I’ll check it out once it is.
Have a nice day and regards,

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