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Full screen modal animation on mobile


At the moment, when applying ‘move in’ animation for a full screen modal overlay to occur and closing the modal using ‘move out’ animation for mobile design, it will take the user back to the top of the page and not where they were before the modal was opened.

Any suggestions to create an animation to take the user back to the same part of the page when closing a modal?

Have you tried selecting “close when clicking outside”? I think this will allow the modal to move out without impacting the screen behind it.

Hey, thanks for replying. The only issue is that using “close when clicking outside” doesn’t make sense on a mobile design for a full screen modal. In my case, the user needs to select either ‘Save’ or ‘Close’ in the mock-ups.

Ah ok gotcha. Hmm did you set the overlay to close when you click the button or did you set the interaction to something else? I can’t seem to replicate the problem you’re experiencing, so it might be a bug. image

I’ve tried that, but the issue is using the ‘Open overlay’ interaction for the ‘Close overlay’ to work. Using the ‘Open overlay’ won’t let you scroll down to see more content. The screen becomes static.

Hmm I can’t seem to replicate your issue… as long as everything you want scrollable extends past the frame size and is set to scroll, it should retain that ability regardless of whether it’s a modal or a screen behind the modal. I wonder if you’ve run into a bug… I’d probably file a ticket.

I’ve set the prototype to ‘Open overlay’ but it won’t give me the option to set to scroll. And the content is definitely past the frame size, but it still won’t scroll. Not sure if it is a bug, but I’ll raise it with Figma.


@Resam Are you able to share a link to your file by chance? Would love to take a closer look at this. Thanks :slight_smile:

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